Discover all the charm of Lyon

It is customary to say that the city of Lyon has three rivers: the Rhône, the Saône and the Beaujolais!

Indeed, when we think of Lyon, we inevitably think of its gastronomy, famous all over the world for its products and its famous chefs like Paul BOCUSE.

You will find in Lyon a multitude of small “Bouchons” on the streets of the Croix-Rousse … Here, the pleasure of the table and good things are everywhere!

The other points of interest are found in the diversity of its districts:

On a walk in the Old Lyon, recognized World Heritage by Unesco or from the Esplanade de Fourvière …

From the historic Roman site, you will contemplate the Part-Dieu tower, the Tête d’Or Park which hosts a free zoo or the banks of the Rhône and the Saône.

You can continue your ride on the river shuttle which will take you to the new district of Confluence.

Lyon and its history

Lyon was built on an exceptional site which shelters two rivers and two hills: the hill “which prays”: Fourvière “and the hill” which works “: the Croix-rousse. The Croix-Rousse  is famous for having sheltered the canuts in the 19th century. Who were the silk workers. From this period remain magnificent apartments which once served as workshops.  From the Croix-Rousse, go down towards the district of Hôtel de Ville by taking the little tourist train or by visiting the traboules of Lyon, these “secret” passages connecting one street to another.

Lyon is also known for its culture and famous events such as the Dance Biennale or the Contemporary Art Biennale, and also the famous Festival of Lights which takes place every year around December 8 …

Let’s not forget the shopping!  Clothing brands in the shopping centers of Part-Dieu or the Village des Marques de Villefontaine, original creations in the artists’ shops of the Red Cross …

If you are asking yourself What to do in Lyon and the surrounding area, you will have plenty to fill your weekend, otherwise ask your Driver Airport driver! He will certainly be able to advise you!